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Bye Switzerland

Mom gave me gifts to relay to indians. Guess what I forgot I had and subsequently got as a gift from a very nice swedish girl in the train from Bern to Zurich.. Holding it in my hand.

Meanwhile, my neck and upper body is covered with what I got myself with coupons from my really nice coworkers. Thanks!

Hello New Delhi

Friendly security men at every place that has a door. Plus, metal detectors, hands on body search and opened bags for most average shops. Additionally, machine guns at every public transport station or market entrance.

(Food court in Istanbul during my layover.)

New Delhi by daylight

Let's not get malaria.. Or do medical tourism. Last picture in keepsake of a great tech blog!

Nighttime in New Delhi

Food in New Delhi

The second one isn't potato, and the last one is free airport food because the flight from New Delhi to Calcutta was delayed by 5 hours.


Calcutta, after a short flight from New Delhi because I had to give up on making train reservations.

Sweets in India

 The third one is a specialty from Calcutta.

Special edition: Falooda

While India has some the best spices of any cuisine I know, the ice cream Falooda was easily the best food I've had here. It is a fancy mix of texture and flavor:

  • Crunchy nuts
  • Coconut or vanilla ice cream
  • Delicious strawberry milk shake
  • Small chewy dark berries
  • Thin noodles for a surprising texture
  • Milk rice to reset your taste buds
  • Red pudding 

Minimalistic street food version:


Meat market in Calcutta

27 hours train between Calcutta and Chennai

Sleeper class wagon, mostly used by Indian middle class.

Lalbagh in Bengalore









 Count the monkeys in the third picture!



Indian temple

Indian dishes

They're not really all Indian, but the more appealing meals.

Queen Victoria Gallery in Bangkok